Do it with DATA: Pandemics, people, and bioinformatics 

Date: Tuesday 5th July from 9am-3:30pm

Cost: $10 (non-refundable) 

Where: Monash Clayton Campus 

Prerequisite: Students must be currently studying or have previously completed Mathematical Methods 3/4


If you’re looking to combine your interest in maths and computer science and explore applications in the field of bioinformatics, Do it with DATA: Pandemics, People and Bioinformatics is a good place to start. A great school holiday activity for Year 11s and 12s, this event will explore the emerging field of bioinformatics and: 

  • delve into how data can and has been harnessed in the current COVID-19 pandemic to model outbreaks and the spread of the virus through populations
  • explore other applications of data in the emerging field of bioinformatics and how it can be used in genetic sequencing.
  • show you what it’s like to study data science at Monash – home to the largest group of data scientists of any research institution in the southern hemisphere
  • satisfy your curiosity about a future in the discipline by revealing the diverse industries that data specialists can thrive in
  • connect you with a data science expert and current students who’ll give you greater insights into how you can study Data Science at Monash 
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Do it with DATA: Pandemics, people, and bioinformatics


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