Day Scratch Yellow Parking Permits - in bundles of 5


Scratchies will no longer be in use from 24 Feb 2020

Please consider this when purchasing scratchy permits


Yellow Permits Application: Day scratch - all campuses

Only available in bundles of 5

For Departments, Faculties, Monash College and MSA & MONSU purchase only. 

Please note, applications may take up to 48 hours to process. 

Conditions of sale

These permits cannot be purchased for personal use.

Before the permit is issued status will be verified.

Permits are issued subject to conditions of the Monash University Parking Rules. Vehicles parking on campus are subject to the Road Safety Act 1986.

The University gives no undertaking that a parking space will be available in any particular place or area.

Payment Method

  • Cost centre and fund:
  1. Make sure you have logged in with your Monash staff account before you process your order. 
  2. Select "Staff cost centre" as your payment method at the checkout page (Please ensure you have cost centre owner approval before proceeding.)
  3. Enter the cost centre and fund name or code (please select the available cost centre and fund name from the drop-down box after you entered the name or code) and click Process payment button
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