Building Customer Centric Capability in Teams



About the course:

In the dynamic landscape of modern business, organizations are increasingly realizing the pivotal role of customer-centricity in fostering sustainable growth and achieving success. This specialized program is meticulously crafted to arm learners with expertise, skills, and invaluable insights crucial for excelling in implementing customer-centric strategies within their organization.

Building upon the foundational principles introduced in the Customer-Centricity Foundation Course, this Course delves deeper into the complexities of customer-centric methodologies, frameworks, and industry best practices. The program empowers participants to elevate their comprehension and application of customer-centric principles to a greater level.

Spanning across five comprehensive modules, participants embark on an enriching journey to dissect the intricate facets of customer-centric organizations. From grasping the fundamental tenets of customer-centricity to navigating the intricate terrain of industry compliance and privacy regulations, each module is structured to furnish participants with invaluable insights and actionable strategies aimed at elevating customer experiences and fostering business expansion.

By the culmination of this program, participants emerge equipped with the confidence and proficiency to steer their organizations toward a future where customer satisfaction, loyalty, and retention are paramount. 


Module 1: Understanding Customer Centricity in Various Sectors

Introduction to customer centricity

Overview of different sectors (retail, online businesses, utilities services, hospitality, airlines, manufacturer to wholesaler) and their unique challenges

Case study analysis: ANZ Bank - examining how customer centricity is displayed and supported within a banking context

Identifying cultural, value-based, and systemic elements that underpin customer-centric organizations

Exploring the intersection of customer centricity with industry compliance and privacy regulations 

Module 2: Translating Case Studies into Practice

Strategies for replicating customer-centric practices within diverse organizational contexts

Defining the purpose and objectives of customer-centric initiatives

Building diverse and empowered teams conducive to customer-centricity

Establishing enabling processes and continuous improvement mechanisms

Implementing a problem-solving framework to address customer feedback and complaints effectively

Module 3: Adapting Customer-Centricity to Different Global Contexts

Examining customer-centric practices in global contexts such as retail service in Japan and hospitality in Singapore

Understanding the significance of cultural nuances and national economies in shaping customer experiences

Case studies highlighting successful implementations of customer-centric strategies in diverse cultural and economic environments

Identifying commonalities and differences in customer-centric approaches across various global contexts

Module 4: Implementing Customer-Centricity in Learner's Context

Assessing the learner's organizational context and readiness for implementing customer-centric practices

Developing a tailored plan for building customer-centric capabilities within the learner's team or organization

Module 5: Case Study Workshop and Capstone Project

Applying knowledge and skills acquired throughout the course to analyse and dissect real-world case studies

Collaborative workshop sessions to brainstorm and develop solutions for implementing customer-centric practices in challenging scenarios

Designing a comprehensive capstone project to demonstrate mastery of customer-centric principles and implementation strategies


Formative Assessments throughout course, functioning as knowledge checks

Summative Assessment at the end of course

Learning outcomes:

  1. Understand the fundamental principles and importance of customer-centricity in today's business landscape.
  2. Analyse case studies and real-world examples to identify successful implementations of customer-centric strategies across diverse industries and global contexts.
  3. Apply frameworks and methodologies to assess organisational readiness for implementing customer-centric practices and develop tailored plans for building customer-centric capabilities.
  4. Design and execute a comprehensive capstone project demonstrating mastery of customer-centric principles and implementation strategies in a real or simulated organisational setting.

Career outcomes:

Greater employability across sectors and organisations- Customer centricity as core, sought-after transferable skill, crucial for the success of any organisation. The ability to work as part of and influence entire teams to develop their customer centricity is further invaluable to organisations and will push individuals to the forefront of career progression into management and leadership roles.

Career success through strong customer centric building capability within professional context

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Delivery: Online

Duration: 25 Hours

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Building Customer Centric Capability in Teams


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