Biology Bridging Course 2023


Biology Bridging Course 2023

This 5 day course has been designed to assist students in gaining an understanding of core biological concepts and processes prior to commencing the unit BIO1011 – Blueprints for Life*. It is targeted towards and is most beneficial to students who have not completed senior secondary biology (such as VCE or equivalent) or have been out of high school for more than two years. This course also introduces students to the structure and format of First Year Biology, as well as the online learning systems which are widely used at Monash. 

The course runs in both hybrid and fully online modes from Monday 13th February through to Friday 17th February 2023. Please select your mode of enrolment during registration.

*Please note that you must be officially enrolled as a student in BIO1011 in order to take this course.

This course does not begin until February 2023. You will receive access information and details via your registered email address in the week leading up to the start date of the course.

Event Details

Monday 13th February through to Friday 17th February 2023
Monash University, Clayton Campus


Enrolment Mode Options

Hybrid 1 -                  Online + On Campus Tuesday 14th February 2023

                                    (Clayton campus) - 96 places maximum

Hybrid 2 -                  Online + On Campus Wednesday 15th February 2023

                                    (Clayton campus) - 96 places maximum

Fully Online Only -   300 places maximum

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