Application for a Replacement Testamur

Graduates from Monash University or from an institution that has amalgamated with Monash University may apply for a replacement testamur if their original testamur has been lost,
stolen or damaged. Graduates who have changed their name may also apply for a testamur to reflect their name change.

Lost or stolen
If your testamur has been lost or stolen a Statutory Declaration* affirming and detailing the loss or theft of the document must accompany the application form. 

If you require a replacement testamur because your original testamur is damaged, we require evidence of the damaged testamur. 

A replacement testamur cannot be issued if the original is still in your possession.

Change of name
If you have changed your name and wish to reflect this on your testamur we require evidence of your change of name. Accepted forms of proof include certified copies of birth certificate, marriage certificate, divorce degree, passport or change of name decree. You’ll also need to return your original testamur before a replacement can be issued. If additional information is required a team member will be in touch with you within five business days

The cost of a replacement testamur:

  •  for change of name $116
  •  if lost, stolen, damaged $347

The replacement testamur will be issued in the current format.

For a lost, stolen or damaged testamur the replacement testamur will have the words "This is a replacement degree" in the body of the text.

Testamurs requested for a change of name will have the words “This is to certify that” in the body of the text.

Both testamurs will include the original graduation date and the replacement date. Signatories to the replacement testamur may be different from those on the original testamur.

Graduates currently residing in countries that don't have Statutory Declarations in their legal system should prepare a statement that is witnessed and stamped/sealed by a notary public, or police officer, magistrate, solicitor or Australian Consulate official.

Double or multiple degrees
If you require replacement testamurs for more than one degree, you only need to submit one application. Please specify all awards you require a replacement testamur for in the 'Award title' field and the year graduated in the 'Year graduated' field, separated by a '/' (e.g. Bachelor of Engineering/Master of Engineering).

The information on this form is collected for the primary purpose of assessing your application for a replacement testamur. If you choose not to complete all the questions on this form, it may not be possible for Graduations to process your application. You have a right to access personal information that Monash University holds about you, subject to any exceptions in relevant legislation. If you wish to seek access to your personal information or inquire about the handling of your personal information, please contact the University Privacy Officer at


Application for a Replacement Testamur

Thanks for applying for a replacement testamur. The Graduations team will be in touch in the next 5 to 10 business days regarding your application.
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