Advanced Negotiation Skills - Claiming & Creating Value in Commercial Environments


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Advanced Negotiation Skills - Claiming & Creating Value in Commercial Environments

Professional development short course

Needing a better deal-making toolbox?
Sick of negotiating only on price?
Frustrated by negotiations that don’t optimise available value?

Our highly practical Advanced Negotiation Skills program will deliver you an advantage during any commercial negotiation, including with government and procurement.

Learn to prepare and implement a complex negotiation strategy. Avoid common negotiation mistakes, deflect competitive strategies intended to unhinge you, and increase your claim in competitive negotiations.

See the evidence why dropping your price does not make the other party any happier, and how identifying the value-drivers of you and your counterpart is time well spent.

The negotiation environment has become increasingly complex.  Today’s professionals need more than just the basics. They need knowledge and skills to confront the challenges of an increasingly complex world.

We will explore the range of strategic choices to both claim and create value across different negotiation contexts, ranging from competitive price negotiations and complex multi-issue, multi-party negotiations, to negotiating through the challenges and limitations of the procurement process.

Drawing from the most recent, evidence-based research and practice, the program introduces cutting-edge concepts and strategies to help prepare for and implement complex negotiations, and structure viable deals that maximise outcomes. Not only will you discover the secrets of how great deals are done, but understand why and how to apply that knowledge to your unique challenges.

This highly practical and applied program will help you gain advantage during any type of negotiation, including negotiating face-to-face, remotely, or with procurement.

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Wednesday March 20th and 13th-14th May 2020

8.30 am Registration for 9 am

Two full days

Caulfield Campus


Full price : $3,995 incl. GST

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