43 T-Shirts: Not the Answer to Everything but with a Few Good Guesses


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43 T-Shirts: Not the Answer to Everything but with a Few Good Guesses

The “43 T-Shirts” publication covers more than 700 million years of geological time and more than 70 human years of palaeontological investigations, globally coordinated by Dr Tom Rich and Professor Patricia Vickers-Rich, and their dedicated teams of prospectors, co-researchers, artists, photographers, doco makers, industry partners (and more) with the aim of understanding what the world has been like and where it is going.

All proceeds from book sales will go towards funding the continuing research investigating the 130-105 million year old rocks along the Victorian coast that to understand how climate and environments have changed over all those years – and what insights this provides for planning for a sustainable future.


*This publication is available for purchase as a hard copy or digital e-book. Hard copies will be shipped to you free of charge, or you can pick up from Frankston or Glen Waverley.



Also available for purchase - Dinos on Our Doorstep


Learn about the dinosaurs from the Southern Coast of Victoria that are special in a way unexpected by most people - the polar dinosaurs are some of the few that ever lived within the Antarctic Circle of the time. In that environment, they had to deal with months of winter darkness, and at times, extreme cold as indicated by the existence of evidence for the presence of local permafrost or permanently frozen ground at times.

This area is globally unique and a true treasure for the Southern Coast of Victoria, Bunurong Country and right on our doorstep!



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